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By on October 9th, 2019

A preview of the new trends in Wine & Spirits Packaging Design developed by SPAZIO DI PAOLO with the self-adhesive materials Arconvert, the foils and plates of Luxoro/Kurz – October the 11th 2019 at 19:00 in the Lounge Room of Superstudio Più in Milan.


Growing up as the son of an artist and within a stimulating cultural environment, Mario Di Paolo, a designer and photographer, in his position as founder and creative director of the Spazio Di Paolo studio, which specializes in food and beverage, has continued to be surrounded by some of the greatest contemporary artists and has worked closely with them.  From such a privileged position he has lived and breathed the avant-garde artistic scene, which has allowed him to not only learn, but also to learn their hidden motivations and then forge ahead himself creatively as an all-round artist with a free-style and versatile approach that has anticipated at exactly the right time market changes and needs thus becoming the forerunner of a new communicative style. An internationally established art photographer, Mario di Paolo is perfectly suited to design. Proof of this is the fact that his visionary approach means he doesn´t just stop at the purely aesthetic and graphic component of a project.  His need for cultural research and technological experimentation leads him to go further, to analyze everything, even the most profound aspects of wine and the cellar. His work digs below the surface, in the unsaid, in the dreams and expectations of those who produce the wine.  Always looking for extra meaning and new technological solutions, which make his work real pieces of art, which, however, are not exclusively intended for a selected few. Mario Di Paolo knows indeed very well to work for a sector that produces very important volumes. This is why his ability to innovate does not only involve the graphic design of the label, but also papers, inks, foils, up to the labelling machines, with a creative effort that allows Mario’s labels to be reproduced on an industrial level and with affordable costs instead of remaining unique pieces, that can only be applied by hand.

To give his labels that distinctive and original character that made him the most awarded wine designer in the world, Di Paolo always chooses self-adhesive papers, foils and printing technologies that act as emotional accelerators and provoke unique and unforgettable tactile and visual experiences. Avamposti is a preview of the new trends in Wine & Spirits Packaging Design launched by SPAZIO DI PAOLO. Mario Di Paolo’s labels are printed on Arconvert self-adhesive materials, using Luxoro’s foils and plates by leading players in the labeling sector such as Eurostampa, Modulgraf, Modulsì and Tonutti. Estal bottles signed by SPAZIO DI PAOLO complete this innovative packaging preview.


Arconvert is one of the global leaders in the production of self-adhesive materials for the labeling industry. By combining high performances in contact with water, ice and condensation, and to specific security features that effectively overcome issues of counterfeiting, Arconvert’s products not only meet the highest aesthetic requirements, but also represent state of the art technological innovation for labeling and brand protection.  Thanks to the value and beauty of the face-stocks produced by parent company Fedrigoni, the Arconvert self-adhesive papers meet the highest aesthetic requirements and are offered as pure and textured surfaces, ideal for turning the label into a piece of art.


Luxoro is the exclusive Italian partner of the Kurz Group, a global player and international reference point for the production of hot printing and cold printing equipment and technologies.

Luxoro’s proposals are the best at turning a brand image into the unique and prestigious, whether it’s packaging, labels, publishing, safety, cosmetics, automotive, home appliances or fashion. With a wide range of solutions dedicated to enhance every project, Luxoro can make every product and packaging renowned and brilliant. The technologies and decorative materials presented by the company are among the best in the world and the expertise in offering advice and service is a core element of the company’s philosophy. Uncompromising quality and constant investment enable them to offer an always prompt service and guarantee a range of products that are unfailingly cutting-edge and highly sophisticated. Thanks to strict corporate policies, Luxoro is now a totally zero-impact reality.