Wine labels forever dry with Arconvert’s X-Dry™ waterproof technology.

By on September 6th, 2019

X-Dry™ technology is Arconvert’s revolutionary waterproof solution for labels – defying the challenging cold, wet and humid environments in fridges and ice buckets.


Nowadays, Neurosciences teach us that, more than ever, label appeal plays a pivotal role in capturing the consumers’ attention and shaping their buying behaviors.  Moreover, in the demanding oenological sector, labels must conserve their initial appeal straight from the point of sale, through the before-serving chilling process in the fridge and ice bucket, right up to the last sip.  When undergoing these extreme conditions, standard papers inevitably compromise the label appeal because of the formation of wrinkles and bubbles or by turning grey after losing their wet opacity.


To meet the distinct needs of wine producers, Arconvert has developed, together with Fedrigoni Group´s paper masters, a new range of self-adhesive papers featuring the X-Dry™ waterproof technology.  This treatment has been especially designed in order to maintain a premium brand image after being exposed to extreme temperature changes and ice bucket immersion.  With X-Dry technology, Arconvert´s premium papers preserve the initial label opacity and integrity halting deformations, wrinkles and bubbles.


Paired with SH9020™, Arconvert’s brand new permanent acrylic adhesive specifically developed to increase the performance of the label in contact with water, ice and in presence of temperature fluctuations, Monet X-Dry FSC™ certified is the perfect solution not only for white, rosé, and sparkling wines, but also for any premium product that calls for a high-performing label.


With the X-Dry™ technology, wine makers can rest assured that the image of their carefully crafted wine will maintain its premium look until the last drop.