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Wine Label

The elegant logo that represents the spirit of the village of Limbach, together with the texture of the Cotone Bianco Ultra WS self-adhesive paper, is the protagonist of the Lóczy wines labels.

By on August 29th, 2019

The two owners of the Limbach Winery Lóczy, who both have a long family history and love of winemaking, are continuing in their ancestor´s footsteps by the setting up of a family winery right in the centre of the village of Limbach.

They are controlling the entire production line, from the cultivation of the vines to the grape harvest, from the wine production to sales.

Lóczy winery is a place where traditions, history and folklore co-exist with modern technological production procedures.  As a result of their dedication and passion, the three most renowned wines are, a dry barrique, a dry sur lie and a semi-dry.

A shining exponant of this range, apart from the wine itself, is the stunning logo.

The elegant logo of the Slovak winery Lóczy refers to the genius loci, the protective “spirit“ of the village of Limbach, where the winery is located.  When focusing on the drawing´s details it is possible to observe many motifs that summon the Lóczy winery in Limbach to mind.  Such as the winemaker´s heart symbolised by the whole of the grape vine, to the paths that follow the imaginary map of their beloved landscape.  The surrounding border refers to the local forests and vineyards, the Limbach memorial tree, the church tower in Limbach, the steps to the wine cellar and the Slovak double-arm cross.

The labels of this wine collection are by printer Etiflex, a family owned printing company based in the Czech Republic.  By sticking to their protocols, such as focus on detail, quality design and precise production, the printers’ experts have been able to use the hot stamping technology in a combination of two colours, black and matt gold, to enhance the importance and elegance of the wines’ logo.

The labels are printed on the Arconvert’s Cotone Bianco Ultra WS; a tree-free self-adhesive paper that contains no tree fibres and that has always been produced, in Fabriano, with 100% pure cotton fibres, a plant that is annually renewed.  This tree-free paper contains a mold inhibitor which makes this self-adhesive sustainable paper particularly suitable for labelling wines and quality liqueurs intended for aging in the cellar maintaining a premium brand image.