Wine Label

The Momento wine range labels are the perfect example of versatility of the Manter luxury self-adhesive papers.

By on August 23rd, 2019

At Terre e Cantine Scaligere the wines of the Momento range are produced, with a traditional vinification after aging for 16-18 months in French oak barrels and tonneaux.  Terre e Cantine Scaligere is located in Soave, immersed in the hills of Verona, an area well known for  much wine-growing with plenty of wineries.  The ideal conditions for the production of the Momento wine range are not only dictated by the terroir and the climate, but also by the ability of the winemakers, who show care and respect with the raw materials.

The range, composed of a red and a white wine are the focus of a restyle and the new graphic project was conceived by Damolgraf.  The design of the labels of the two Momento wines is similar, but the differences are distingushed by textures, colours and the self-adhesive papers used to create these labels.

Gold is the predominant color of the Momento Rosso label, while for the Momento Bianco wine it is silver.  Both labels are composed of three separate but parallel sections.  The originality, as well as the strength of the entire project, is the tactile sensation that the label transmits thanks to the embellishments and the finishes applied to the three different portions of the label.

For Momento Rosso Damolgraf chose to use the self-adhesive paper Sirio Pearl Fusion Bronce, produced by Arconvert.  It is a special surface coated paper with a metalized, pearlescent finish.  The ECF fibers are pulp colored.

With the Momento Bianco the creative minds were inspired by the Constellation Jade Raster, an Arconvert paper made with pure natural ECF pulp, embossed, with a pearlescent coated effect.

The central parts of the label, where the name of the wine is displayed, allow us to admire the original texture of the self-adhesive paper.  The upper parts have been printed with a hot-foil, respectively gold and shiny silver, and a further dry relief that creates a “speckle” pattern; whilst the lower sections have been embellished with gold and silver opaque hot foils with a dry relief and a linear pattern.

This graphic project enhances the versatility of the self-adhesive papers produced by Arconvert and is an example of how a design or a graphic idea can totally reshape not only the visual sense but also the tactile one.