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The Sicilian range of craft beers with a golden character.

By on August 20th, 2019

Sicily is a magical island, a land full of history and strong traditions.  The references and implications of this Italian island should not be taken lightly, or you will risk being entangled as in a fisherman’s net.

Thus, Luca Modica and Fabio Blanco were captured in the net of a passion that quickly became a profound commitment: Tarì, the Sicilian craft beers.

The name of the beer is a symbol.  Its roots are based on the characteristics of a proud territory, whose traditions form part of it.  Tarì is the name of various coins introduced by the Arabs that were in use in southern Italy, particularly in Sicily, approximately from 913.  Only after the unification of Italy, was it replaced by the Lira.  The original name derives from the Arabic and it literally means “freshly coined”.  Over the course of almost a millennium, Tarì coins changed its form and composition from pure gold to an alloy of gold, silver and copper.

The Tarì beers have the same colour as the original gold coins.  Just as the coin is mass-produced but follows a precisely crafted process, these Sicilian beers are also precisely produced.  The Tarì beers are bold, overbearing, stubborn, bitter, sweet and fragrant, just like the territory of Sicily.

After the agricultural landscape, the Baroque, Salvatore Quasimodo, chocolate and cheeses, Modica collected another record, producing the best craft beer in the country.  The Italian Sommelier Foundation recognized the Iblea Tarì company as the Brewery of the Year, back in 2016.

As with all well-respected histories, even in the world of beers, there are always special meetings as a starting point.  Tarì’s special beers were born from encounters with other entities, also unique.  For example, the Muscat flavored Oncia beer was born during a meeting with Feudo Ramaddini.   From the meeting with Franco Ruta, “Bonajuto”, a beer produced with cocoa beans was born, whilst the meeting with the chef Corrado Absence produced a white beer prepared with lemon peel, coriander, basil and Russello wheat called “Trisca”.

Birra Tarì has also revitalised its graphics.  Thanks to the work of art director Marco Lentini, from the After Studio agency, the logo and the labels have been redesigned.  All are made with allegorical and fantastical characters.  The entire range of beer labels are printed by Auroflex, the leading company for printing luxury self-adhesive labels on reels in southern Italy.  For these craft beers that are rooted in both tradition and the land´s history from where they are produced, the creative minds were inspired by Arconvert´s most iconic uncoated felt-marked paper from the special ManterTM  range of self-adhesive papers: Tintoretto.