Spirits Label

From the Faith & Sons Microdistillery comes a delightful pink rum with a brand new label design.

By on August 1st, 2019

“I’m son of the faith,” says the distiller Filipe Sousa, the owner and distiller of Faith & Sons Micro distillery, having made a leap of faith by moving from Portugal to England.

Carefully and loving created by perfectionist distiller, Felipe, in his Salford micro distillery, Faith & Sons encapsulates the true Underground Spirit of Manchester.

After the maceration period, the mixture is distilled in a 150-litre copper pot still to produce a unique pink that is sweet and floral.  It has been flavoured with strawberry and raspberry and bottled at 37.5% making it perfect in any number of cocktails.  Light sweetness of fresh red fruits, with a hint of clove and cinnamon and plenty of creamy vanilla.

This special and refined rum is part of a range of rums from Faith & Sons.  Spiced rum is the second addition to this collection.  It rested for a few weeks in a heavy toasted oloroso sherry cask which adds an extra dimensional fruit layer of flavour to the spirit.

The label design project of this range is created by Oveja & Remi Studio, a packaging and brand design company specialising in alcoholic beverages.

The chosen protagonist for the Pink Rum and Spiced Rum labels is São João Baptista.  Commonly known as the Botafogo (Spitfire), it was a Portuguese galleon warship built in the 16th century, around 1534 and was considered the biggest and most powerful warship in the world at the time.  The ship could carry 366 bronze cannons and had an artillery power of 1,000 tons.   For this reason, it became known as Botafogo, literally meaning fire maker or spitfire in common Portuguese.  The Botafogo sailed in both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, where it became famous during the Conquest of Tunis (1535).  In that battle, the Botafogo was commanded by Infante Luís, Duke of Beja, brother of John III and brother-in-law of Charles V.  This authentic English rum with Portuguese roots honours the history of this ship and its holy struggle between good and evil.

For the label, the designer and the distiller were inspired by Arconvert’s paper Laid Cream Ultra WS.  A pure cellulose laid paper was the perfect choice with its anti-fungal and Ultra WS treatment, embellished with embossing and debossing, gold hot foil and printed in full colour; all on one label.