Wine Label

The Old Bloke and the Three Young Blondes wine label has a very special design and a double meaning behind it.

By on July 29th, 2019

The Australian wine landscape was forever changed in 2009 when 12 of Australia’s oldest family owned, multi-generational wine businesses came together to form Australia’s First Families of Wine.  Since then, Australia’s First Families of Wine have travelled the globe as a collective to share their passion from over 48 generations of these families and 1380 years of collective winemaking experience that has helped to shape Australia’s wine narrative.

Part of this group is the d’Arenberg cellar.  It is one of the only wineries in Australia to basket press both white wines as well as reds, labour intensive but worthwhile process for the resulting quality, as the action is controlled and extremely gentle.  Moreover, all d’Arenberg estate owned and leased vineyards are NASAA Certified for organic and biodynamic processes.

The latest release is “The Old Bloke and the Three Young Blondes”.

The Old Bloke is an earthy Shiraz dominated blend with 3% each of Roussanne, Viognier and Marsanne, three white Rhone varieties that d’Arenberg planted in the McLaren Vale in the 1990’s.  These ‘young blondes’ add fragrance, spice and complexity to the ‘old bloke’, which is sourced from d’Arenberg’s oldest Shiraz vines.

Designed by the creative minds of Voice Design, the white label features four silhouette heads within each other, with a pipe-smoking old man on the outside.  According to Chester Osborn, the owner, the nose is “brimming with dark fruits, woody spices and rich blackberry aromas” with the Viognier adding notes of “apricot, ginger and florals”, the Roussanne “ an exotic dried almonds and papaya note” and the Marsanne contributes “pistachio and yellow stone fruit”.

Some might joke that the old bloke is Chester, and the three young blondes are his daughters, the fifth generation who will continue the d’Arenberg tradition.  Each of these title characters are represented on the label as a cut-out silhouette.  Much like the wine itself, the four personalities are ‘blended’ together by being overlaid one on top of the other, each creating a window to the next and achieving an effect of tactility and depth.

The designers were inspired by the Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper Cotone Bianco Ultra WS. With its natural texture and white nuance, Cotone Bianco Ultra WS is a tree-free self-adhesive paper made of 100% cotton fiber.  Thanks to the Ultra WS treatment, it is ideal for slowing graying and wrinkling on bucket labels.  Furthermore, it contains a special mold inhibitor which makes it particularly suitable for the labeling of quality products that age in the cellar.  Cotone Bianco Ultra WS is also now available as Arconvert’s Cotone Extra White Ultra WSTM, which offers a higher degree of white tone.