Spirits Label

The coordinated packaging created by BasileADV highlights the refinement of Grappa XT.

By on July 24th, 2019

The “Extrè Taurasi” Grappa was created in 2008 as the first typical grappa distilled in Irpinia.  The Distilleria Antonellis, located in the heart of Irpinia, has distilled and produced this grappa exclusively with selected types of  Aglianico di Taurasi grape variety brought to the distillery from local cellars.

This strong connection to the land is also enhanced by the distillation method, discontinuous in a bain-marie, and in the exclusive use of the pomace of the Aglianico grape which makes the Grappa XT a monovarietal spirit.  Thanks also to the polymerization given by the five-year aging, the distillate acquires hints of natural essences as well as unique and distinctive scents.

The quintessential style of the Grappa XT is underlined by the label and packaging project designed by BasileADV.

The new design of the graphic project started with the label, for which the designer was inspired to use the Cast Gloss Gold Matt, produced by Arconvert.  Cast Gloss Gold Matt is a cast coated, wood-free paper with a pure ECF pulp and a high vacuum gold metallized finish.  The choice of this self-adhesive material succeeds in adding value to the product thanks to its high brilliance, giving it a refined and elegant touch.

The box containing the Grappa XT bottle is made with the Freelife Vellum paper produced by Fedrigoni. Totally recyclable, the paper chosen for this packaging has a printed texture that reflects the texture of the wood of the barrels in which the product rests for 5 years.

The new graphic design of the Grappa XT is an outstanding example of how, thanks to the synergy of Arconvert and its parent company Fedrigoni, it is possible to create a coordinated packaging ranging from the self-adhesive label, to the box and to the buyer, giving correlation as well as inspiring designers as is the case for this design by Andrea Basile.