Wine Label

Printed on Waterproof White, the label design project of Grillo Caeles wine has flamingos as protagonists.

By on July 22nd, 2019

The history of Firriato began in the eighties with the Di Gaetano family, who were especially drawn to the agriculture and viticulture in the Firriato area, in the province of Trapani, near the beautiful ancient city of Erice, famous for the cultivation of vines.  The company name, Firriato, comes from the peasant culture of Western Sicily, where the term firriato indicated the area next to the manor house that was demarcated and protected for the planting of the most precious crops including the vineyards.

To date, the Firriato winery has six estates around Sicily, located on three very different terroirs and soils.

Ethics, sustainability, environmental protection and organic wines are the keywords of this winery. The winery has also obtained the certification of the reduction and containment of greenhouse gases and is one of the first wineries to boast this certification.

Grillo Ceales, is a flagship wine.  A white wine aged in steel with hints of Mediterranean scrub, exotic fruit, chamomile and Sicilian citrus fruit.  Certified as organic and vegan, the Grillo Ceales wine interprets the mix of terroir and can overcome any bias of possible defects in organic wines.

As a starting point for the label design project of the label, the creative minds of Eurostampa were inspired by a self-adhesive paper produced by ArconvertWaterproof White.  It is a pure cellulose natural paper treated with an exclusive formula that guarantees high resistance in the ice bucket and maintains opacity in the presence of condensation.

The flamingo was chosen as a reference image of the organic Caeles wine collection range, since historically and mythologically this bird is known for its purity, sensitivity and balance.  The Grillo label features flamingos, printed with transparent screen printing.  The brand lettering, the denomination of the wine and the producer are highlighted with screen printing.  There are no colour contrasts overall on the label but rather use of nuances that remind us of the colors of nature, of the vineyards and Sicilian terroirs that are so highly suited for the viticulture of exclusive wines.