Wine Label

The new Verna EVO Oil label design project fully reflects the desire to renew itself while remaining tied to origins, tradition and values.

By on July 19th, 2019

The Verna mill founded in 1861, has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil for around 150 years.  Their goal has always been to produce oil of quality and naturalness with the simplicity of traditional flavours.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oils are only produced with olives from the Verna olive grove, thus obtaining an Italian oil of guaranteed origin, 100% Made in Italy.

New technology and the experience gained over many years guarantee an oil with a unique and unmistakable taste that has a delicate fragrance and preserves the goodness of freshly picked olives producing a real Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Thanks to Concept Store, a design agency specialising in communication and design, Frantoio Verna has completely revitalised their look with the production of this unique and precious oil.  The restyling involves the logo, coordinated image and packaging of the entire product line.  The new project covers the entire range of offerings as well as up to date communication tools.  The harmonious use of the new image and the combination of materials and finishes redefine the positioning of the products in the market whilst increasing their recognisability and family feeling.

The principal idea of this brand renewal project stems from the desire to improve the product look in order to represent the evolution of the product, but always remaining true to their origins, tradition and values.

The new label design project fully reflects this idea.  The result is an elegant label that perfectly combines past and present.

The self-adhesive paper used to create the Olio Verna labels is Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof, produced by Arconvert, a pure ECF pulp, felt-marked paper with a barrier to oils and greases.  The undesirable problem of oil stains on the label is eliminated thanks to the Greaseproof treatment, which allows the self-adhesive paper, and consequently the label, to maintain an impeccable appearance even when it comes in contact with vegetable oil and grease.