Spirits Label

A brand-new image for the traditional Licor de Aveiro, thanks to creative studio ThinkBold and to natural self-adhesive paper Tintoretto Gesso.

By on July 8th, 2019

A long time ago, when the dinner was being warmed in the three-footed pot nestled in the crackling fire hearth, the Aveiro liquor was born.

For the fisherman of Aveiro, it was a very welcome drink.  Due to the use, in preparation, of a utensil which in Arabic is called “ajidid”, meaning “big dish”, the Licor de Aveiro became known as the “liquor of the bowl”.  All the ingredients blended and rested for quite a long period of time in the big dish until becoming a delicious liquor.

Aveiro´s liquor has been enjoyed for more than a century, including by those who drank it because they did not want to go to war, hence also being known as “licor Patria”.

Located in the city of Aveiro, the Licor de Aveiro company is the market reference for the production of spirits as well as being the symbolic bridge connecting past and present not only of the Portuguese city but also of the liquors.

Although the company are extremely connected to the city´s history, from where the Licor´s name comes from, the owners wanted a rebranding of their famous product.

A new identity was conceived by creative studio, ThinkBold, for the traditional liquor from Aveiro.  On the back of the bottle, the designers have painted a typical scene inspired by the traditional fishing boats painted on some of the famous hand painted Portuguese blue tiles; the boats are traditional symbols of the city as well.  The front of the label printed with a hot-foil embellishment is more minimal with a graphic design style to give it a more contemporary feel.

Designers and producers were inspired by Tintoretto Gesso Ultra WS, the most iconic uncoated felt-marked paper from the ManterTM range of special self-adhesive papers produced by Arconvert.  It is now available with H+OpacityTM technology, especially developed by Fedrigoni Group’s paper-making masters to preserve the initial opacity and premium image of the labels, to meet the demanding challenge of  ice bucket and temperature changes.