Wine Label

The winery Gil-Berzal, with its bohemian viticulture, escapes conventionalism with the labels created by TSMGO and printed on Cotone Bianco Ultra WS.

By on July 4th, 2019

Behind a wine is the hand and philosophy of its creator; and that of Saul Gil-Berzal is escaping from dogma conventionalism and returning to one’s origins to create wines in the most natural way that reflect the surroundings in which they are harvested. The wines produced by Gil-Berzal extract the vineyard’s most personal character and its human dimension: respectful with nature, based on tradition and customs such as soil observation, work at the foot of the vineyard and respecting nature’s own timing, marked by the plants themselves, not by administrations. With this premise,  the concept of Bohemian Viticulture was built, bringing together all the wines from this small winery and serving as the connecting thread for each of the ranges that make it up.

The intervention of TSMGOThe show must go on is an agency committed to pragmatic design and creativity – gives consistency and coherence to this concept in each of its manifestations and establishes a scale across the range.

The Premium range is composed of two wines, Glorya and Alma Pura, which pay homage to the vine grower’s mother and the philosophy that permeates the entire range, transporting us to the Soul of nature as a capital element of Bohemian Viticulture.

The labels of Glorya and Alma Pura respond to a classic Burgundy wine composition, accompanied by explanatory literature, such as the brand and the author’s intervention, by way of its signature that seals the ensemble. These two labels are printed on the Arconvert’s Cotone Bianco Ultra WS: a tree-free self-adhesive paper that does not contain fibers from trees but has always been produced – in Fabriano – with 100% fibers of pure cotton, a plant that is renewed annually. This tree-free paper contains a mold inhibitor which makes this self-adhesive sustainable paper particularly suitable for labeling wines and quality liqueurs intended for aging in the cellar maintaining a premium brand image.

For these labels is used a palette of natural artisan nuances, reminiscent of the origins of the graphic arts, and they are embellished with a gold hot-foil that makes the label design project stand out.