Wine Label

Savile Row Tweed White inspired the designers of Studio-G to create a lunar label for the Tredicesima Luna sparkling wines.

By on June 26th, 2019

Located in a strategic and prominent position on the hills of the historical Cirò, between the Ionian Sea and the slopes of La Sila mountains, Brigante Farm is perfectly located for growing vines. The owners have combined tradition and innovation staying loyal to the values of a territory rich in food, wine, natural beauty and culture.

The family business was started directly after the war by grandfather, Giuseppe Sestito.  Thanks to the uprising by agricultural workers, he managed to occupy a small piece of land.  Today we can admire a large valley of fine Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco vineyards which includes the Vini Brigante belonging to the Sesito family who were formally called the Sesto, a very ancient and noble knights’ family originating in Spain.

Tredicesima Luna – Calabria IGP Rosè Sparkling Wine is produced exclusively from Gaglioppo grapes. The sparkling rosé presents notes of peach blossom and flowering almonds. Its colour ranges from coral shades to fresh clay, like the twilight on the hills of the Brigante Farm.

Tredicesima Luna – Calabria IGP White Sparkling Wine is made from Greco Bianco grapes (80%), and from Chardonnay (20%). It is a classic sparkling white wine; soft, velvety and light, yellow like the moon that has just risen, born from pure local clay.

The Sestito family wanted to create a reference, and a label, dedicated to the birth of Chiara, a new family member, and commissioned the design project to Studio-G.

The designers were inspired by the most unique and eagerly awaited moon, whose cadence is seven times each lunar cycle. The Tredicesima Luna is a label designed and conceived to illuminate the entire packaging. In fact, the choice of self-adhesive paper and embellishments confer elegance and brilliance to the whole packaging. Produced by Arconvert, Savile Row Tweed White is a pure cellulose paper embossed off-machine in textile design, made from an ecological chlorine-free (ECF) pulp mixture.

The segment that recalls the terrestrial satellite highlights the lunar craters that through braille silver are transformed into sparkling bubbles.