The Arconvert’s packaging experts were on the jury of Leone d’Oro 2019 Best Packaging, an award for the best packaging of the EVO oil sector.

By on June 25th, 2019

The Oil Oscar. It could be defined as the Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari 2019, a historic competition now in its 28th edition, which awards the best EVO oils from all over the world. A true celebration of olive oil was held at the O’Live & Italy premises in Toscolano Maderno (BS) on Lake Garda,  where all the finalists, selected by the panel of O’Live & Italy, were exhibited. A meticulous work carried out by a jury of experts, led by Maria Paola Gabusi, to select the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of which around 60% is Made in Italy, while the remaining 40% are made in Spain, Greece and Portugal, as well as Croatia, Slovenia, California and Brazil.

Amongst the various competition categories, the “Leone d’Oro Best Packaging” award stands out as a prize awarded by a panel of packaging experts, designers, photographers and illustrators. Nowadays, as confirmed by sales statistics, an elegant and well-designed packaging sells more. It can increase the consumer’s propensity to buy, especially if, besides its appeal, the packaging features the idea of a close synergy between the container and its content in terms of quality. If producers were able to ignore the importance of the packaging in the past, today it is very clear how the bottle’s appearance is essential in adding a value that determines and influences the choice of a much more evolved and discerning customer faced with a stacked shelf filled with a myriad of similar items.

As packaging experts, the Arconvert’s team have the goal of helping the producers in the beverages sector to create the perfect label for their specific target by tapping into the new worlds of neuro-marketing and the psychological dynamics of the buying process in order to increase sales.
Among the many bottles that competed for the Leone d’Oro Best Packaging, 3 EVO oils producers are notable. The winners of this category are:

Italy – Ota Ilija

Italy – Tenute Salmareggi

Abroad – Nobleza del Sur