Wine Label

Hugh Hamilton Wines, together with Voice Design, creates a perfect mix of two different civilizations for The Exotica Collection labels, printed on Cotone Bianco Ultra WS.

By on June 20th, 2019

Hugh is the 5th generation of the Australian Hamilton dynasty. As with all families, there is always a Black Sheep and Hugh Hamilton is it. His wines are far from ordinary. Hugh has a clear vision about the way he sees wines and he produces accordingly. Hugh’s legacy continues as his daughter, Mary Hamilton, is now the CEO of the family winery and brings insight and energy to this unique winery.

Hugh Hamilton has a lot of love for the Georgian grape variety, Saperavi, and the region it hails from, which dates back to 6,000 BC. With the help of a good friend and master Georgian Winemaker, Lado Uzunashvili, Hugh Hamilton wanted to release a limited-edition collection of two varieties born and bred in Georgia and two varieties in Australia. Titled The Exotica Collectionavailable exclusively to members only – these four exclusive wine bottles are the meeting of two distinct civilizations and a true force of nature so they required a packaging that would intrigue and celebrate this exotic, unobtainable collection of astounding wines.

The agency Voice Design was the perfect choice to create this project, especially because one of their mottos is “a great design can make a product”. In fact, they are convinced that great design has the power to influence and be marveled over.

It’s an ancient tradition in Georgia (known as ‘Supra’) to celebrate wine and food with good company. And these feasts’ tables are dressed in ‘Lurji Supra’: blue tablecloths full of ornaments and symbols depicting elements of Georgian culture. The character of the patterns and the typical blue colour which make Georgian textiles unique. To ensure the Australian market acknowledges these wines as truly exotic, illustrations honoring the traditional ‘Lurji Supra’ were weaved together with the logo of Hugh Hamilton: the black sheep. 


These wine labels are printed on the Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper Cotone Bianco Ultra WS. With its natural texture and white nuance, Cotone Bianco Ultra WS is a tree-free self-adhesive paper made from 100% cotton fiber. Thanks to the Ultra WS treatment, it is ideal for slowing down the graying and wrinkling on the labels of bucket wines. Furthermore, it contains a special mold inhibitor that makes it particularly suitable for labeling quality wines which age in the cellar. Cotone Bianco Ultra WS is the perfect choice for creating labels not only for wines but also for spirits, gourmet foods, cosmetics, and other high-end products.