Wine Label

A wine label, printed on Tintoretto Gesso, that transports us to our childhood.

By on June 17th, 2019

An extensive history accompanies Masetplana, which has a long family tradition that dates back to 1826 and is enlarged by the more recent generations: grandfather Julián, Xavier Maset and now, Juliá, who currently directs the Mill and Winery. In fact, Masetplana not only produces high-end wines but is also an AOVE producer. Juliàn Maset Plana, born and bred among olive trees and vineyards, has now become the current owner of Maset Plana and his vocation comes from the family tradition as a genetic stamp. At only 21 years old, he created some new wine ranges, one of which was “El nen de Can Maset”.


For this project, Masetplana has relied on the creativity of Bulldog Studio. The Nen is a project that transports us to our childhood. This DO Empordà wine tells the story of a child who lives in an Empordà vineyard, where the Tramuntana – the typical wind of the area – blows. This child, who will be a master winemaker, lets his mind go in the middle of a vineyard, reliving moments in which he lets his imagination fly and any everyday object could become something fantastic. The label design shows a child inside a cardboard box that simulates an airplane propeller that is attached to dozens of grape clusters to form a hot air balloon, which flies through the starry sky. The little explorer looks through his spyglass, seeing his dreams and living them as never before.

For this oneiric wine label, designer and producer were inspired by Tintoretto Gesso, the most iconic uncoated felt-marked paper from the ManterTM range of special self-adhesive papers produced by Arconvert. It is now available with H+OpacityTM technology, especially developed by Fedrigoni Group’s paper-making masters to preserve the initial opacity and premium image of the labels, which face the demanding challenge of the ice bucket and temperature changes.

This label is printed by Vidal&Armadans. The techniques used for the printing of this label are: a debossing to simulate the wind, a black UV relief to give brightness and texture to the name and a violet stamping that brings light and a touch of colour to the label.