Spirits Label

The three-headed Serbian god is the protagonist of the brandy labels, made on Ispira Nero Mistero Ultra WS.

By on June 14th, 2019

Destilerija Krstić has a delicate touch of art and science that combines old techniques with new technologies.

They strive to bring the product quality to pole position through the selection of ingredients to the removal of traditional brandy, which is a typical spirit in Serbia. The quality of the advertisement stands up for itself, and for this reason, the distillery has kept the entirety of the brandy purity by using only the best and carefully selected fruits.

The founder of Destilerija Krstić is an accomplished athlete. Nenad Krstic is a former captain the Serbian national basketball team who has played European basketball as well as in the NBA league. The period spent playing away from his native country was crucial for the inspiration of an idea that was to emerge after his sports career ended. A fast-paced way of life together with nostalgia for his homeland took him in an unusual direction for an athlete. He bought a farm and tried to grow fruit. Soon after he was able to extend, building a distillery for producing brandy and in this way ensured that all those who followed his sporting career could enjoy his mastery in another way, through a glass of quality brandy.

The design project of his range of brandy was embellished with the printing techniques used by Crveno, a company specialized in printing high-quality adhesive labels. The protagonist of these labels is Rakija Troglav, represented with a hot foil embellishment.

The three-headed God, Rakija Troglav, is a guardian of the century-old tradition and secrets that have been passed from generation to generation. Known for his dedication to the people, Troglav has always followed his people, sharing his fate, through good and evil – clutching his body, empowering the spirit and spreading pride. Each Troglav head symbolizes power over one element: traditional taste, recognizable colour, and striking flavor.

For these special labels, an equally special self-adhesive paper was needed: Ispira Nero Mistero Ultra WS, produced by Arconvert. Ispira Nero Mistero, is a self-adhesive natural pure cellulose, chlorine-free (ECF) paper of extraordinary quality with a surface finish that is especially soft to the touch. A self-adhesive paper specially produced by Arconvert, which thanks to the Ultra WS treatment on the front label, avoids the formation of wrinkles and reduces the absorption of water on the surface of the paper.