BSV - Detail - Cuvee Label
Wine Label

A new luxury label, printed on Constellation Jade Silk, for a sparklingly English wine.

By on June 13th, 2019

Bluestone is a family vineyard that stands on the rolling chalk plains of Wiltshire, where the temperate climate and terroir are perfect for cultivating the finest grapevine varieties. Their vines share the same bedrock as nearby Stonehenge and the McConnell family aims to celebrate this vibrancy of millennia past with wonderfully exuberant wines.

For their latest limited release – the Classic Cuvee, handpicked in the traditional method – the McConnell family sought the help of the design agency D8., to establish a brand with an authentic signature of family, heritage, artisan and celebration, encapsulating their own values at the heart of the brand.

BSV - Detail - Scarf

The Bluestone Vineyard colours palette is inspired by the colours found on the farm’s resident peacock’s tail: vibrant blues, deep purples and stunning pinks. The designers drew a bespoke peacock roundel and chose a modern typeface, which was designed and created in England specifically for the luxury goods market. On the packaging, the vineyard name is displayed in large using visual and verbal language cues. Packaging details include a modern, abstract fluted peacock tail, inspired by the fan shape and the graphic dot pattern which appears on their feathers. For the label itself, the designers created a simple rectangle shape. The idea was to use a self-adhesive paper that exudes quality and finesse and totally captures the experience and feeling Bluestone Vineyards wishes its customers to have before even opening the bottle of wine. The perfect choice was Constellation Jade Silk, an embossed paper made with pure natural ECF pulp, a pearlescent coated effect and the Ultra WS treatment, produced by Arconvert.

BSV - Full Packshot