Spirits Label

The Portuguese honey harvested in the moonlight gives a special scent and look to the Meluar Gin. This precious design label is printed on the tree-free self-adhesive paper Cotone Bianco Ultra WS.

By on June 7th, 2019

The world Meluar comes from the Portuguese language and it means “honey” (mel) and “moonlight” (luar). In fact, in the small hidden village of Trancoso, it is produced one of the world’s most exquisite honey, which is harvested by moonlight. Delicate to the palate, this honey has an unusual brilliance; one of the aspects that inspired the creation of Meluar Gin: the perfect blend of natural honey with juniper, fresh citrus, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger, pink pepper, among other surprises. Made from the individual distillation of 15 superior botanicals, Meluar Gin is distinguished by its gentle sweetness and unexpected freshness. Mysterious, vibrant and seductive, Meluar Gin aims to support Bees Protection Worldwide, celebrating success with those who think that by protecting the pollinations, we are protecting the human race and the planet.

Think Bold Studio realized a precious design that recalls the color of honey and an Art Deco style with naturalistic and floral motifs that fully reflect the preciousness and care of the spirits inside the bottle – made with dark glass as it is black the night during which the honey – that gives life to the particular scents and aromas of this gin – is collected.

This label is digitally printed and embellished with copper foils and embossing. The designers were looking for a textured natural paper that could clash with the graphic design.

Specially created for the labeling of luxury goods, Cotone Bianco Ultra WSTM – produced by Arconvert – is a tree-free self-adhesive paper because it does not contain fibers from trees but has always been produced – in Fabriano – with 100% fibers of pure cotton, a plant that is renewed annually. The Ultra WSTM treatment makes this environmentally friendly paper ideal for maintaining the integrity of the labels of wines that need to chill in the ice buckets. Furthermore, this tree-free paper contains a mold inhibitor which makes this self-adhesive sustainable paper particularly suitable for labeling wines and quality liqueurs intended for aging in the cellar maintaining a premium brand image. Compatible with a variety of finishing processes, the high thickness makes Cotone Bianco Ultra WS perfect for printing dry embossed finishes. This 100% cotton fiber tree-free self-adhesive paper is the perfect choice for creating not only wine labels but also labels for spirits, gourmet foods, cosmetics and other high-end products.

Cotone Bianco Ultra WS is integrated with Arconvert’s Cotone Extra White Ultra WSTM, which offers a higher degree of white tone.