Olive Oil Label

Three generations, three people, one family. The bond between past and present is highlighted by the label design project printed on Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof.

By on June 3rd, 2019

In the south of Italy, the heart of the Mediterranean, Frantoio Converso is a small Calabrian business enterprise. In these lands, the Greeks found a second and more prosperous homeland, where excellent olive oils can be produced. The Frantoio Converso’s communicative path summarizes the history of the family with the one of the olive trees and the precious liquid that this ancient plant offers since the dawn of humanity.

Frantoio Converso is focusing on the intense story, made of tradition, hard work, love for the land, beyond the characteristics of this premium product.

A symbiosis declined above all in the rebranding carried out by the errennezeta studio, in which fine lines and pronounced curves echo the shapes of the fruit, essential traits that combine modernity and tradition and metaphorically express the linear clarity of production quality.

Hence the choice of a careful denomination of the production varieties, entrusted to a simple but refined lettering: Saecularis, for the product extracted from the ancient plantation of “Dolce di Rossano”; Seligere, dedicated to a different oil year by year and selected from excellent raw materials; Harmonia, to distinguish a blend that merges different cultivars in a single, fantastic symphony of perfume and taste.


In this mood of continuous fusion between past and present, the labels find their creative pinnacle. The essential elements of the plant – olives and leaves – are at the same time the symbol of strong family identity: three generations from the 1800s dedicated to the cultivation of the olive trees, a father and two children who represent nowadays Frantoio Converso, in the continuous evolution of time that passes. A layout enhanced also in the construction choices, thanks to the quality of the paper produced by Arconvert: Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof, a pure ECF pulp, felt-marked self-adhesive paper with a barrier to oils and greases. The feared problem of the oil stain on the label is eliminated thanks to the Greaseproof treatment, which allows the self-adhesive paper, and consequently the label, to maintain an impeccable appearance even when it comes in contact with vegetable oil and grease.

The bond between past and present, family and land, are highlighted also by the printing embellishments – with Luxoro foils and dry reliefs – and the printing techniques – Alba Grafica – which allowed to transfer the universe of values and feelings which for centuries has characterized the Frantoio Converso.