Wine Label

Changing the materiality of paper with finishes and embellishments. Nature Paper White, produced by Arconvert, reproduces a fabric sail on the label of Aymar Tranquil wines.

By on May 24th, 2019

Aymar Tranquil wine is inspired by the Ferrer family, who used to sail from Penedès to Cuba to sell their wine.

These wines from Penedès, produced by Castell de Pujades, are sparkling wines made with Clàssic Penedès grapes, which are the sparkling wines of the Penedès Designation of Origin.

This new category of sparkling wines is unique due to its exclusive origin: El Penedès, is a region particularly suited for wine production and a unique place for growing grapes. The vineyard is organized as organic farming, to respect the environment and the land. Doing that, the products that came from Castell de Pujades have the highest quality.

Only with patient aging and with optimal conditions is it possible to produce the Clàssic Penedès, a reserve wine range.

The labels of this exclusive range become a horizon of sails by changing the materiality of Arconvert’s Nature Paper White Ultra WS through many finishes and embellishments. The design agency Made by Us has used a micro embossing in combination with a pearl block foil to create a fabric texture with no need for printing it with ink. The central die uses the bottle’s background color to differentiate each product of the range. This elegant and particular label is in fact used for all the three wines. The result is an impactful packaging that creates brand awareness and catches the eye of each person even if these reserve sparkling wines are on a shelf full of bottles. Moreover, the sails on the side surprise the customer when they have the bottle in their hands, gain not only the sight but also the tactile sense.