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Spirits Label

The historical ties to England meet the contemporary design on the label of Cooper King Gin.

By on May 22nd, 2019

Given the rich historical ties to England, Yorkshire and the reference to a barrel-maker, coupled with the owner’s great-great-grandfathers approach to life, the Cooper King name fitted perfectly with this distillery.

In fact, the owner’s great-great-grandfather liked adventures and challenges. In his 55 years Charles Cooper King (1843–1898) sailed to the China seas and Japan; produced paintings that have since been auctioned at Christies; lectured in diverse topics from geology, magnetism and electricity to food and foraging; published several literary works and academic papers, and painstakingly produced detailed volumes of the Cooper King family tree. The volumes trace the Cooper King ancestry back to the year 1030, with informative maps, beautifully drawn sketches and ornately painted crests depicting related families, not to mention the odd knight on horseback.

Taking things one step further, the distillers chose to use the Cooper King shield to represent them and the distillery. The top half depicts the Yorkshire roots with the three Pigot war hammers; the cross represents the Kings; the lion represents the Garrets and the Kings. There is an only piece missing as the third part of the shield remains a mystery yet to be solved. Rumour has it there’s a third volume that went missing in the late 1970s, which may contain the missing pieces of the family history.

The Brand Communications Agency that created with a stunning label design project, called LazenbyBrown, was inspired by the Cooper Kind coat of arms that Charles hand-painted at the start of the first volume, albeit it with a modern and contemporary twist.

This label is printed on Tintoretto Gesso, the Arconvert self-adhesive paper, is a pure ECF pulp paper, felt-marked, with a wet strength treatment.

For this label, there was a combination of three different printing styles. The project is designed to shown quality and to draw whoever is watching this bottle into the world of Cooper King Distillery.

The reverse side of the back label has been printed in a glorious technicolor marble effect which was produced by the Yorkshire based artist Emily Stubbs. Emily took her inspiration from the marbling on the inside cover of the Cooper King family volumes.

The front and back label made on Tintoretto Gesso produced by Arconvert is printed with both digital and flexo methods then decorated with a precise and clean gold foil.