Wine Label

A secret label with a word game printed on Tintoretto Gesso Ultra WS, produced by Arconvert.

By on May 20th, 2019

All the wines of Mas Ramoneda share something in common: a grape from the best wine regions of La Noguera, and the dedication with which the Mas Ramoneda winemakers work the vineyard.

Traditions, natural processes, vines are the watchwords of the young winery Mas Ramoneda. The Mas Ramoneda vineyards follow the path of small towns and talk about small things. The wine liturgy is linked to the secret of roses, but also to the ancient value of ambrosia; to the trees of walnuts, a strong wooden tree, aromatic leaves and rich fruits, and holm oaks, a sacred tree in many traditions, a symbol of solidity, longevity and power.

Secrets de Salgar is a range of three wine, one white and two red wines. This wine range has great power: the name. If the name of the wines is an attractive naming, easy to remember and evocative, the design agency Grow highlights the Naming in the label design project. In this case, the name is a word with great strength and power: SECRET.

The main elements used to compose the graphic design are four: typography, color, images and graphic elements. For this label design project, the design agency works around typography and color, two elements that allow high visibility to the packaging and power to the message to captivate and seduce the consumer-eye. This packaging project is a typographic game, with the word SECRET, the same letters are hidden among them, referring to the concept.

This secret label is printed on Arconvert’s Tintoretto Gesso Ultra WS: a pure ECF pulp paper, felt-marked on both sides with the ULTRA WS treatment.