Beer Label

The label of Black Mama reflects the sophistication of the IPA craft beer with a holistic connection between the brewing process and the quality crafted design.

By on May 17th, 2019

The brewing culture in Portugal, although already persisting since the 1920s by the most recognized national companies, returned to the 80s with the importation of special beers essentially in the styles derived from countries like Belgium, Germany and Slavic countries. In the middle of 2014, in a more developed character of the different styles of beer and thanks to the appearance of the Portuguese Craft Beers, the “boom” happens, and the Beer reaches a higher level, highlighting the new brewery of the most varied styles.

Beers & Tailors love beer. They started to create the brewing culture in Portugal since the very beginning, in the 1920s. Beers & Tailors has an innovative way to show the beers, within the national distribution for the Ho.Re.Ca channel, thus representing some already known in the Portuguese market, but they also focus on a vast selection of exclusive beer products. These exclusive products, which are not present on the normal supermarket shelves, are made unique within a commercial destination. They are also stand out in the creation of brewery houses, where they invest in cold beer machines for pressure, towers, training and include it in the latest news of national and international standout beer.

Black Mama is a special edition black IPA craft beer. The challenge was to come up with a design that would reflect its sophistication. The brewers contact the design studio ThinkBold!™ to create a special label for this special beer. The designers of ThinkBold believe in craftsmanship and in the value of premium design, working with clients who are looking for quality crafted design and appreciate the added value of premium appearance. The Portuguese design studio started the project having in mind the holistic connection between the process of making the beer and the craft of designing the label for that beer, characterized by the belief that the parts are intimately interconnected and accounted only by reference to the whole.

The final result successfully mirrors the premium, strong, flavorful beer through a luxurious style with elegant golden font and impeccable embossed details. This luxury label is digitally printed on Waterproof White. The Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper is a white pure cellulose paper, treated on both sides with a coating that ensures maximum opacity in wet conditions and high resistance to moisture.

Some craft beer packaging has no soul, no craft, a poor image diminishes the laborious process of making the beer, the pride the brewer has when selling the beer is not reflected in the label, and a label can tell a story, and there’s always a lot to say, values and passion that stop after the beer is made. A good label gives a visual impact to that passion and stories.