Gourmet Label

The labels of the new range of healthy organic foods produced by Sun & Fruits are a perfect example of how the link between packaging and product can improve the brand image.

By on May 15th, 2019

Sun & Fruits began making Premium artisan fruit preserves in 2014. With no type of additives, preservatives or colorants. They are committed to quality, which is why they only use fresh and natural ingredients. Sun & Fruits is a blend of tradition and innovation. Evolving to adapt to new habits and to cultural and gastronomic diversity, they have partnered with Catalan chef and slow food enthusiast Sergi de Meià to create a new range of healthy organic products suitable for all types of diets with the aim of bringing Mediterranean cuisine to the rest of the world. Soups, sauces and conserves made with 100% vegetables, specially prepared for people who want to eat healthily, high quality and easy-to-prepare food.


The studio Bulldog was commissioned to create the packaging of this new line of organic foods. To emphasize these genuine and organic products, the designers have conceived a project that would emphasize the superior quality and exclusivity of the products while maintaining an idea of organic, natural, healthy using the illustrations of fruits and vegetables.

In the relationship between form and content, the vehicle of a message conditions the content of the message itself, enhancing it, diminishing it or deforming it. In other words, the brain creates an immediate association between the envelope and the content. If the consumer perceives a label as “economic”, then he also has a negative perception of the product (L. Halstead). Packaging and label are related: upstream with materials, downstream with the perceptions that they stimulate to the consumer. The sine qua non condition to describe a brand is the choice of the best and most consistent material solution with the message to be communicated. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the message itself and of the stimuli we wish to elicit.


Since the watchwords of Sun & Fruits are quality, naturalness, health and traceability, the designers together with the owner wanted to create a label with a natural self-adhesive paper. The label is made on Tintoretto Gesso, the pure ECF pulp paper, felt-marked on both sides, produced by Arconvert.