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Davide Chitò, the creative director of Kito, creates for the Lugana Abate wine an innovative, elegant and materical label with the Arconvert’s Cotone Extra White Ultra WS.

By on May 10th, 2019

Kito created a materical label close to the Abate family, which for generations has been paying a tribute to the land, has decided to produce a limited edition of only 6,000 numbered bottles of the Lugana wine.

The label design project is a sensory work, made of tactile and visual emotions transmitted with elegance by signs and spaces that are developed on four different levels of high and low relief. These 4 levels represent the generations of the Abate family: from the father, charismatic man who loved the land, to the two ingenious and extroverted brothers up to the small Athena, one of the owner’s nephews, represented by the smallest letter.


This label not only has four different levels, but has also four completely different typefaces, that are redefined according to the elements that distinguish the family’s vineyards: the earth, one of the most intense and ancient elements, the stones that surround the entrance and act as a border of the wine estate, the vineyards and its precious fruits.

After months of research, the designers create a printable natural pigment, obtained from the dehydration of Lugana wine. With this brand-new color,  GraficheSeven (Autajon Group) printed on the label all the important wine information and the winery’s brand, that in its essence contains all the love and passion that binds the Abate family to its product.


Lugana Abate is not just a wine, but an experience that awakens all the senses: from the sight, which is captivated by the minimal elegance of the graphics, to the touch, stimulated by the self-adhesive paper Cotone Extra White Ultra WSTM produced by Arconvert.

Specially created for the labeling of luxury goods, Cotone Extra White Ultra WSTM is a tree-free self-adhesive paper because it does not contain fibers from trees but has always been produced – in Fabriano – with 100% fibers of pure cotton, a plant that is renewed annually. The Ultra WSTM treatment makes this environmentally friendly paper ideal for maintaining the integrity of the labels of wines that need to chill in the ice buckets. Furthermore, this tree-free paper contains a mold inhibitor which makes this self-adhesive sustainable paper particularly suitable for labeling wines and quality liqueurs intended for aging in the cellar maintaining a premium brand image.

Compatible with a variety of finishing processes, the high thickness makes Cotone Extra White Ultra WSTM perfect for printing dry embossed finishes. This 100% cotton fiber tree-free self-adhesive paper is the perfect choice for creating not only wine labels but also labels for spirits, gourmet foods, cosmetics, and other high-end products.

Cotone Extra White Ultra WSTM integrates Arconvert’s Cotone Bianco Ultra WSTM, which offers a warmer white tone.

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Photograph: Michele Sirigu www.gstudioent.it