Olive Oil Label

A three-layer label for an EVO oil made in Sicily capable of creating unity and consistency between label and bottle, between content and container.

By on May 7th, 2019

Frantoio di Campagna & C. was established in 1993 in S.C., but the year of its foundation can still be considered 1963, the year in which the member Campagna Girolamo set up the first oil mill of the company. The company, managed personally by the partners, owns an oil mill and deals with the production of extra virgin olive oil and table olives both from olive groves of their own management for about 60 hectares and from third parties exclusively in the area of the Valle del Belice. The Valle del Belice is a hilly valley, formed by the hydrographic basin within which the course of the Belìce river extends. It is located in western Sicily and occupies an area between the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento.

To create the new label of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by Frantoio Di Campagna, the marketing and design agency Adduma, had the opportunity to express and experiment on several levels – graphic and technical – the communication possibilities of a label as an integral part of the product experience.

In front of a first very “classic” brief (expressing a Sicilian identity, deep tradition, extreme artisan quality in a modern guise) the designers have tried to combine the traditional themes with modern and unique touches. The founding element was the medieval mosaic of the Cathedral of Monreale, a monumental work of art and architecture that fully represents the idea of culture, dedication and quality of the territory and in this case of the brand.


From here the designers of Adduma have reshaped the motif of the mosaic, replacing it with geometric shapes inspired by the olive leaf and using chromatic shades, including the unmistakable gold. The idea was to develop a label on several levels, supporting the vertical movement of the bottle. An abstract figure is born. Auroflex, the leading company in southern Italy for printing of luxury self-adhesive labels on reels, has ennobled the graphic design with golden leaves and modules of a mosaic that seem to develop from the bottle and incorporate what appears to be the real label but is part of a unicum. For this special and daring label design project, the printer together with the design agency was inspired by the Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof. A pure ECF pulp paper, felt-marked on both sides and with a barrier to oils and greases. The feared problem of the oil stain on the label is eliminated thanks to the exclusive Greaseproof treatment, which allows the self-adhesive paper, and consequently the label, to maintain an impeccable appearance even when it comes in contact with vegetable oil and grease.

Unusual die-cutting, embellishments, graphic design and self-adhesive paper create a stunning triple level label but at the same time a unity between label and bottle, content and container.