Spirits Label

Stunning labels with an aesthetic Victorian appeal, made on Cotone Bianco, for the Ounce Gin.

By on May 3rd, 2019

The first bottle of Imperial Measure Distilling went onto the back bar on the 15th of November 2015 and this was a fantastic uptake from the trade and private sales as well. The first batch was sold out in under 48 hours. The team behind Imperial Measure Distilling, Chris Jones and David Danby, met whilst working together in the hospitality industry at Adelaide’s famed imbibing institution ‘The Apothecary 1878’. Imperial Measures Distilling was officially established in 2014 and the ball started rolling. After many a late-night chat, many a knock off and many an extended phone call it all culminated in an opportunity to do some full-scale distillation with other friends at Applewood Distillery. Now, the Imperial Measure Distilling is distilling in its own premises in Thebarton, Adelaide and the future plan is to work on opening a ‘Distillery Bar’ soon.


Ounce Gin ‘Signature’ is a union of mindfully selected botanicals. Orange, Vanilla and Cardamom invigorate a traditional base of Juniper, Coriander Seed and Angelica Root to yield a characterful dry gin. Ruby Bitter consists of 12 interwoven botanicals creating a complex bitter-sweet balance. Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gentian, Rhubarb and Ginseng harmonize to offer an earthy citrus driven palate. It is ideal as an aperitif or digestif. Herbal, savory and harmonious, Ounce Gin ‘Bold’ is a rich and intriguing gin to be savored with gusto. Pronounced Juniper leads to a chorus of 13 botanicals including Sage, Thyme, Black Cardamom and Pepper.

The labels of these special gin range are printed on Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper: Cotone Bianco Ultra WS. Cotone Bianco Ultra WS, with its 100% cotton fibers and rich texture is the ideal choice to enhance the concepts of authenticity, pureness and self-worth.

Multi-Color Australia and New Zealand printed digitally these labels and embellished the label design project with embossing and hot foils. Take Heed Design Studio designed the labels. Since Imperial Measures Distilling was established by two bartenders working together at an iconic Adelaide cocktail bar known for its remarkable ‘Old World’ interior, this concept became the genesis for the design of Ounce Gin. The packaging brief was to create a bottle and label that encapsulated the opulent and striking ‘cut glass decanter, silver barware and dark wood’ aesthetic of a Victorian-era bar, using authentic Victorian-era elements – font, edging, colour and borders.