Gourmet Label

The label of the Orfeu’s award-winning Microlote is printed on the Arconvert’s Ipanema Embossed Cream.

By on April 29th, 2019

Orfeu emerged in the specialty coffee market in 2005, growing grains of selected quality in the high mountains south of the Fazenda Sertãozinho, a place with a tradition of more than 67 years in coffee plantations. The roasting was designed and built on the farm to complete the production cycle and deliver a high-quality product with great freshness directly to customers. The harmonious process begins with careful cultivation, through the careful manual selection of grains, the one that places Orfeu as one of the best Special Coffees in the world. Planted, harvested, roasted, packed inside the farms, Orfeu’s coffees retain their original characteristics until the moment of being tasted.

The logo of the farm is a 1,500-year-old Jequitibá Rosa, an ancient tree that symbolizes longevity, respect for nature, strength, tradition and history of Orfeu.

Orfeu’s Award-Winning Microlote is a rare-grain coffee. The perfect combination of climate, soil and knowledge made these rare grains of the Arara variety win the Cup of Excellence 2018, the largest and most respected international competition for coffee excellence. Cultivated at 1,300m altitude in the mountains of the South of Minas, this 100% organic coffee is the maximum expression of nature. In the cup, it presents aromatic notes of honey and spices.


The label of this awarded Microlote Coffee is printed by Promtec on Ipanema Embossed Cream, the self-adhesive paper produced by Arconvert. Ipanema is a pure chlorine-free natural paper with a beautifully textured surface. Thanks to the specific treatment added to the paper mixture, Ipanema offers the same performance as a barrier paper in the presence of condensation and humidity, without however the inconvenience of the rigidity given by the barrier. The paper provides a texture of greater sensuous seduction, in addition to bringing the nobility that the great labels need.