Wine Label

The label design of Buche’s wine range reflects the winery’s sensibility for arts and design.

By on April 26th, 2019

At Bodegas Occidente, Jose and Francisco have been producing wines for more than twenty years, always selecting the best vineyards and seeking the application of the most modern technologies.

The winery owners are in love with their land, Extremadura, a region particularly suited to the cultivation of vineyards. The natural aspects, together with a manual harvest and exquisite care in the cellar, gives the result of wines with a great personality.

The wines of Bodegas Occidente are made with the same honesty and humility that the owners’ ancestors used to have. Their goal is that anyone who drinks a glass of one of their wine had to remember that each product is unique.

Gran Buche - Eva Arias Graphic Studio


The label design of the Gran Buche Reserva and Buche Tinto Crianza are created and designed by Eva Arias Studio. Since the particularities of the terroir and the vineyard are very present in these wines, the design concept was to symbolize these aspects through different images and textures: the reddish earth, pure clay; the unique microclimate that allows strains dawn covered with dewdrops. The word that gives the name to the range, Buche, is represented through the letter B, which with its Rounded forms is perfect to express the idea of exuberance, succulence, and generous forms. On the other hand, the collage technique allows to capture how different elements, once united, can create a unique and special unit. Moreover, this artistic element fits with the breakthrough and contemporary character of the winery, linked to the world of art and design.Buche - Eva Arias Graphic Studio

The design was inspired by the self-adhesive paper Tintoretto Gesso, produced by Arconvert. A pure ECF pulp paper, felt-marked on both sides with the wet strength treatment.