Spirits Label

Printed on Materica Limestone Ultra WS, the restyled labels of the Vintage Liquors produced by Distilleria Quaglia are a perfect combination of present and past.

By on April 23rd, 2019

Distilleria Quaglia, settled in Castelnuovo Don Bosco, was born in the years following the unification of Italy in the middle of the sun-drenched hills between the Monferrato and the Turin area, which have always been considered lands of great wine tradition. Back in 1906, it was bought by the Cavalier Giuseppe Quaglia, who expanded the lands and the vineyards, digs the well for water supply and installs a boiler for steam production. Today the great-grandson of the Cavalier, who enthusiastically dedicates himself to the activity bringing new ideas and energy, enriching the range of products with liqueur specialties produced following the rules of Piemonte artisan excellence.

The history of liqueurs has its roots in the Middle Ages when man still did not know modern medicine and only used vegetable substances for treatment. There is not an inventor and was the evolution of some magic preparations that were used to heal. Thus, was born the great Italian liqueur tradition. When Caterina De Medici married King Henry II of France, she brought with her, besides the cooks and pastry chefs, also the Italian liqueurists who introduced and appreciated the secrets of Italian liqueurs. With the discovery of the West Indies (the new world) new fruits and aromas arrived to be added to the liqueur recipes that around the second half of the 1800s began to be considered not only a panacea, but a beverage to drink for the pleasure of the palate and ‘mood. Even the monks gave a strong impulse to the production of liqueurs that are still drink nowadays (Ratafià, Amari d’erbe, etc.). Thanks to the more in-depth studies on fermentation and to the improvements obtained in the production of sugar, the liquor industry had a further boost by bringing Italy, France and Holland to be the main producers of liqueurs.


The vintage Liquors range produced by Distilleria Quaglia has very different aromas and botanicals, such as raspberry, orange, rose, saffron, licorice and rhubarb.

The packaging of this Vintage Liquors range comes from a restyling of the historic labels used by the Quaglia Distillery, for a series of sweet liqueurs with fruity, floral, spicy or balsamic aromas.


The restyling wanted to keep the basic features of the original version of the labels, trying to emphasize the family tradition, the antiquity and the preciousness of the recipes. The perfect combination of past, presence and future. In fact, the vintage flavor is recalled by the use of illustrations that reproduce ancient botanical prints and drawings and is balanced by a more modern appeal given by a chromatic harmony for each reference and by the exaltation of the chromatic, taste, olfactory properties of each liquor.

These labels are printed on the Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper Materica Limestone Ultra WS. This is a natural paper, made with cotton, recycled and pure cellulose fibers with the Ultra WS treatment.