Atman_Xaman_ EDP_100ml
Cosmetic Label

An elegant and sustainable coordinated packaging for the exclusive Atman Xaman Eau de Parfum, produced by Lorenzo Villoresi.

By on April 17th, 2019

Beauty and personal care packaging volumes continue to grow globally, driven by changing lifestyles and consumers adopting new hygiene routines.

The market research and forecasts conducted by beauty product manufacturers are suggesting that consumers are especially looking for luxury and glamour on their cosmetic packaging this year. While being easy to handle and to transport, the packaging also needs to be as multi-functional and sustainable as possible. One major aspect for many shoppers is the sustainability: and the packaging needs to be just as natural as the ingredients contained within the beauty product. But a refillable and recyclable packaging made of environment-friendly materials doesn’t mean doing without an air of luxury. Packaging innovation will play a key role to further engage consumers and answer their evolving needs, often telling a sustainability tale, an ethically and socially charged one as well.

In this scenario was born the new Lorenzo Villoresi’s Eau de Parfum: Atman Xaman.

Lorenzo Villoresi started getting passionate about the world of spices and essences since his first trip to the Middle East, in 1981. After that, he started to bring to Italy spices but also essences and aromatic substances. The real entrepreneurial activity began only in May 1990, when Fendi’s management commissioned a collection of essences for the environment, potpourri and scented candles. From that moment, along with a series of important collaborations with famous names in Italian and international fashion, the first products with the Lorenzo Villoresi brand were developed: fragrances for home and the environment, for the bathroom and finally, in 1991, the first fragrance for men, immediately followed by Donna and other Eau de Toilette. In 2006 he won the prestigious international prize “Prix Francois Coty” in Paris, the most important recognition for the artistic career of a perfumer. Even today, at his atelier in Florence, Lorenzo Villoresi creates personal fragrances, while the collections that bear his name are now present in forty countries. Among the most recent developments, a special collection for hotels in the best hotels around the world.


Atman-Xaman evokes a world far from civilization, belonging to the mystic sphere, a world of wizards, shamans, dervishes, intent on magical rituals, controlling the most unknown, secret forces. Smoke, tobacco and leather conjure up memories of an almost forgotten kind of masculinity, deeply rooted in the natural, mystical, eternal soul of the shaman.

The aromas of tobacco and leather, and the notes of wood and herbs are perfectly recalled by the color of the self-adhesive paper used for packaging. For the label they were inspired by the Arconvert’s Sirio Pearl Fusion Bronze: a special surface coated paper with a metalized, pearlescent finish. And exactly the pearlescence of the self-adhesive paper transmits perfectly the message of the content.

The ECF fibers of Sirio Pearl are pulp colored. Thanks to the synergy with the parent company Fedrigoni, Arconvert is able to offer the widest range of colored papers in the pulp, which allows eliminating definitively the unsightly problem of the edge and the white back of the label. The synergy between Fedrigoni and Arconvert offers the possibility of creating a coordinated packaging for the products, choosing the same type of paper for the label, case, shopper, brochure, or storytelling sheet. And this is the case. For the Atman Xaman, Lorenzo Villoresi chooses the same paper of the label for the case: Sirio Pearl Fusion Bronze, produced by Fedrigoni.