Baltasar López Cuadra
Olive Oil Label

Nobleza del Sur – Day and Night, a biological EVO oil range that celebrates the cycle of life.

By on April 15th, 2019

Nobleza del Sur launches a new edition of an ecological early extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which has a very special character. The producer’s commitment to biodiversity, sustainability and respect for the environment is the main concept of the packaging, which has been studied and realized according to these important commitments.

The design agency Cabello X Mure was inspired by the symbolism and the importance of the life cycle as the guiding thread of the design project, along with finishes, embellishments and materials that can be associated with the EcoFriendly trend.

For the illustrations on the labels, the artist Esther Moreno has realized two paintings in gold leaf and acrylic on a table with a cylindrical shape. The beautiful compositions illustrate the main players of the biodiversity: the insects.

The two EVO oils, DAY and NIGHT, represent each one a monovarietal and remind of the passage of time and the cycle of life. “Day” is represented by the bee, which symbolizes fertility and teamwork, while “Night” by the butterfly, the protagonist of the concept of metamorphosis, transformation and evolution of life.

Both concepts and philosophies deeply rooted in the company, especially because the presence of these insects shows that the land and production is healthy, also helping to pollinate and enrich the fields. And these insects’ crops are very common on the organic olive groves of Nobleza del Sur.

The clover, a very beneficial plant for the vegetable coverings of ecological crops, is the icon that represents and unifies this new range NOBILITY OF THE SOUTH BIO.

Baltasar López Cuadra

The labels of this BIO Evo Oil range are made on the self-adhesive paper produced by Arconvert: Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof, a pure ECF pulp, felt-marked on both sides, with the exclusive Greaseproof technology.

A special barrier treatment which, added to the pulp of the paper, repels even the drops of oil that run down the neck of the bottle and attack the edges of the label. The Greaseproof treatment is ideal to preserve the integrity of the label from stains and avoids possible detachments.

The main label, with premium finishes and embellishments, faithfully transmits the perception of the original paintings. The natural wood stopper and the elegant and pleasant bottle in its forms, make the result very aesthetic but practical at the same time. With this beautiful packaging design project, the perception of quality is high without forgetting that it is a totally ecological product.

The Day and Night labels won two prestigious awards at OlioOfficina 2019, Milano: 1st place in the category “Oli da Scaffale” and 1st place in the category “Luxury da Scaffale”.