Wine Label

Saga wines combine the nordic and the Eastern European culture on a unique label project printed on the pearlescent Sirio Pearl Ice White Ultra WS.

By on April 8th, 2019

Fruska Gora, the old hilly mountain in the Pannonian Plain, is the national park of nature and the largest lime forest in Europe. For 1700 years it has been the ideal climate for growing vines and making wine. Its hills turn south, gently sunk throughout the day, collecting the sun’s heat necessary for the maturation of the grapes. On the other hand, the composition of the land, the proximity of the Danube and the winds and the temperature fluctuations contribute to the creation of a particular aroma specific of these hills.

The Vinarija Bjelica winery is producing wines since generations in this land and for a unique wine, the owners wanted to create a unique packaging. And here comes the Saga wine.

A saga (from the homophonic word in Icelandic to the plural sǫgur) is a collection of stories about ancient Scandinavian peoples, Germanic tribes, early Viking journeys, migrations to Iceland, and the feuds of Icelandic dynasties. Most of them were written in Old Norse. The stories are generally realistic, excluding the legendary sagas, the sagas inherent in the saints, the bishops, and romances translated or reconstructed. Stories are sometimes fantastic but often deal with understandable human affairs.

Today, it is often used to associate with something that is a long, rich and multi-layered story that involves a long period of time, and it can also be related to a family’s history. Exactly, like the history of the family that owns the Vinarija Bjelica.

This unique and special label is made on the Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper Sirio Pearl Ice White Ultra WS: a special surface coated paper with a special metalized, pearlescent finish and the ULTRA WS treatment. The Ultra WS treatment prevents creases in very damp conditions and the labels from shrinking when immersed in the ice bucket and avoids labels moving.

The design project is embellished with the printing techniques used by Crveno, a company specialized in printing high-quality adhesive labels.

The Saga word is highlighted, not only because is the only word that is in focus on the label, but especially thanks to the hot foil embellishment.