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Spirits Label

The true craftmanship range of Gin Liqueurs distilled by the No Name Distillery has a brand-new label design.

By on April 2nd, 2019

“I’m son of the faith,” says the distiller Filipe Sousa, the owner and distiller of Faith & Sons Microdistillery.

NoName Distillery is in its way a distillery within a distillery, an idea concocted by Filipe Sousa. NoName Distillery works as an off-shoot brand to Mr. Sousa’s Manchester based distillery, and the idea is to deliver a wide range of gin liqueurs, with the refined spirit distilled by Mr. Sousa himself.

The Gin are organic products, a fact that Sousa is undeniably proud of. Working on a small scale allows him the opportunity to seek out the right botanicals from the right people.

This gin liquor range offers different flavors: classic flavors like Dandilion and Burdock, consumed in the British islands from the Middle Ages, sweet flavors such as Violet infusion and fruity flavors such as Fruit Salad, ideal to be consumed also for an aperitif with a glass of Prosecco and the brand new Raspberry Ripple.

At first glance, the NoName gin liqueurs seem a premium product, but the founder Filipe Sousa together with the designer Simen Meyer aimed to create an affordable Gin Liqueur that still would be appealing to the masses. The label designer is convinced that good design and quality paper stocks should not be limited only to a certain audience. Hence the decision to design something that stood out amongst the other gins on the shelves – a potion of a sophisticated nature that spoke of herbs and plants used in the process, and craft in producing a nicely flavored and balanced gin liqueur.

For the label, the designer and the distiller were inspired by Arconvert’s paper Laid Cream Ultra WS. It was a perfect choice to use pure cellulose laid paper, with an antifungus and Ultra WS treatment, embellished with embossing and debossing, gold hot foil and printed in full color; all on one stock.ALL