Beer Label

Vendemiaire, a 100% organic craft beer brewed with grape must, printed on Cotone Bianco Ultra WS.

By on March 29th, 2019

Produced by Alaryk, the Vendémiaire is the result of the know-how, the passion of the grower and the respect for the raw material. Vendémiaire is actually the name of the first month of the French Republican calendar, originally running from September 22nd to October 21st and the month of the harvest, when grapes and cereals, after two months of dormancy, reach maturity.

Since 2017, the Alaryk Brewery and the Famille Fabre have been partners, especially because, beyond the vines, the Fabre Family has been cultivating cereals and other agricultural products for many years.

This high fermentation beer is brewed with Carignan juice from one of the most beautiful terroirs of Languedoc, the vintage Boutenac, on the grounds of Château Fabre-Gasparet, owned by the Familie Fabre, winemakers since 1605.

With notes of blood orange and balanced bitterness, Vendémiaire beer is an authentic gourmet 100% organic and artisanal product.

Studio Asensò created the graphic design of this craft beer label, in the continuity of the range, by allowing to appear in a discrete way hops and grains of grapes drawn by hand and reinterpreted graphically in order to give rhythm to the label design project.

A flawless and elegant design that expresses and evokes the perfection of the beer artisanal origin and the quality of each element involved in the creative process.

This label is printed on Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper Cotone Bianco Ultra WS, that with its 100% cotton fibers and rich texture is the ideal choice to enhance the concepts of authenticity, pureness and self-worth, all evident in this exceptional gourmet beer.


Photographie: Laurent Piccolillo