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A pearlescent self-adhesive paper for the rebranding of Tabor wines.

By on March 21st, 2019

Tabor Winery was established in 1999 as a boutique winery in a small village in the Galilee called Kfar Tavor – one of the best wine regions in Israel – and over the years, Tabor has become one of Israel’s leading wineries. With a successful growth and a reinvestment of the vineyards and winery, the efforts of Tabor Winery raise them even higher. The results have been coming: dozens of medals and awards were given to their wines on a global level.

The winery has always prided itself on satisfying all the consumer’s needs, to offer a high-quality wine and most important an enjoyable experience. Born out of the concept of focusing on the highest possible quality of the vineyards, Tabor Winery joined hands with the “Society for the Protection of Nature” in Israel, and together raised the bar and created a standard of ecological vineyards, which restores the natural balance to the vineyard and its surrounding environment. For 7 years, the winery has invested great efforts in restoring the natural vegetation, fauna and animals to the vineyard environment, in order to restore the ecological balance, the one that is ideal for growing the grapes.

When the barn owl returned to the vineyard, this signaled that the process was complete, and the ecological balance was restored.

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Tabor Winery has decided on a facelift; refreshing the brand and label design. In the rebranding process, the main task was to strengthen the visibility of the name of the winery. The key was to create a strong logo that would be the identifying mark and the leading element in all the channels. The winery has decided to use an up-to-date language and place the new logo of Tabor Winery, the barn owl, which is related to the ecological value shared by the winery.

To differentiate the wine varieties, they chose to use a different colored label. Simply by using different colors, they come into contact with a different target: while the young series has fun light colors, the range of intermediate wines has darker colors.

The inspiration for doing this new label design project came from the range of self-adhesive papers Sirio Pearl, produced by Arconvert. With a particular surface coated paper, a special metallized and pearlescent finish, the ECF fibers of Sirio Pearl are pulp colored, with more than 15 different shades.

Using these quality pearlescent self-adhesive papers, all the wine labels gain a special prestige look.




Branding: Studio Michal Suday

Design: Nadav Shtreimer and Michal Suday

Photo credit: Aya Ben Ezri