Wine Label


By on March 15th, 2019

Cantine Catena is a known winery located in the Irpinia hills, based on two key main concepts: respect and purity. The bond with the land, the sense of belonging, the will to pass on the traditions and the ancient passions for the fruits of the earth, are combined with cutting-edge scientific and technical skills.

Cantine Catena products evoke perfumes enclosed in a glass of dew coming from the vineyards, thanks to four large oak trees that act as a sentinel to the grapes.

The Traccia and Origini wines, respectively Taurasi DOCG and Fiano di Avellino Barriques DOCG, are considered the “elders” of the family because both are aged in barriques and have become two spearheads of the wine cellar.

In order to communicate qualities, characteristics and history of Traccia and Origini, it was necessary to have eye-catching and stunning packaging that stands out even on a shelf full of wine bottles. Especially because the appearance counts.

The new design was conceived by ABasileADV to highlight the great depth of these two wines. The preciousness of Traccia and Origini is immediately noticeable from the metallic colors, gold and silver. The starting point for the creation of these two labels is the luxury self-adhesive film PE TC Clear Gloss, produced by Arconvert, a clear gloss, top coated polyethylene film. This brilliant transparent film has been printed with a silk-screen printing, draw attention to the strong lettering of the two brands, and also the Cantine Catena logo. The abstract image that dominates the Traccia label really looks like a trace left along the path that the winery has taken over the years; while for the Origini label has been represented the origin of the winery, which at first start in stealth, almost hidden, and day by day has increased its notoriety.

The designer Andrea Basile has therefore decided not to add other elements to the two labels because in their original and modern simplicity are communicating all the preciousness and quality of Irpinia wines.