Baltasar López Cuadra

CabelloxMure created a label design for the sparkling wines Queen of Kings, as a tribute to the women.

By on March 8th, 2019

Francisco Gomez, the founder of the Francisco Gomez winery, saw in these lands the perfect setting where he could fulfill his dreams: an outstanding location to establish modern wineries in which the principles of high quality, sustainability and concern for the natural environment could be the top priority.

In doing so, the owner took over the ancient La Serrata winery where wine had been made as far back as the 18th century. He then carried out the necessary renovations to turn it into a shining example of what can be achieved in the Alicante agricultural sector. The winery, which covers over 3.500 hectares – 250 of vines and 350 of olive groves – is today a modern industrial concern which is performing the same work it did a thousand years ago, following the rules of the organic and biodynamic farming.

Tradition and revolution here live in harmony.

Baltasar López Cuadra

The design for Queen of Kings, the line of Biodynamic sparkling wines from Bodegas Francisco Gómez was created by the design agency Cabello x Mure. A collection of wines with high quality and a fresh aroma, with an intense bubble that brings freshness in the mouth. We associate each wine and its connotations to a different fashion designer of the Haute Couture, who served as inspiration to make the design of these labels.

Every bottle is dressed in a different label that wants to pay tribute and represent different type of women. We can find a feminine and sensual woman. A sweet woman, a friend, sensitive and creative woman. And last but not least, a wise and quiet woman.

Each label is different, but the self-adhesive on which the labels are made is the same: produced by Arconvert, Constellation Jade Silk Ultra WS is a pure natural ECF, embossed, pearlescent with a coated effect paper. Thanks to the Ultra WS treatment, the self-adhesive paper is resistant to temperature changes and moisture, making it the perfect choice for wines that are placed in an ice bucket, as the sparkling wines Queen of Kings.

Baltasar López Cuadra