Wine Label

The Castan Domain, reborn from the ashes, has a new wine label designed by Asensò Studio.

By on February 26th, 2019

Accompanied by a team of professionals, Eric André from Castan Domain has just bottled his first vintage, called Renaissance, made from “Carignan old vine”, a grape typical of Languedoc that expresses the whole history of the place.

Surrounded by a century-old vineyard, the property is divided into three main parts. A first part in which the private areas of the owner is located, a second part which will soon host festive events. The rich history of the castle is discovered here through majestic painted ceilings still in the state (flowers and rosettes dressed in an orange colour “Hermes”) then elegant ironwork of custom-made arts that come to dress each of the floor windows. Finally, a third part is dedicated to the work of the vine and the wine. It welcomes the visitor with a sumptuous portal of time that overlooks a large courtyard. Two buildings face each other, a first dedicated to wine aging with old wooden casks and old barrels, then a second dedicated to the storage of equipment.

The mission of Studio Asensò was to realize in a first phase the visual identity of this place steeped in history. The designers focused the project around two main elements, that characterized the Castan Domain: the art of ironwork inspired the graphic elements, while the palette of colour remember the one of the painted ceilings.

The label design is focused on the monogram “C” symbolizing the name of the place (Les Castans) and then again taking the lines of force of the drawing present on the ironwork. The self-adhesive paper that could highlight better the identity of this wine is Constellation Snow Raster, an embossed, pure ECF pulp paper produced by Arconvert.

Photography: Laurent Piccolillo