Gourmet Label

Afterstudio designed a label that highlights the quality of the gourmet products using the Freelife Merida self-adhesive papers.

By on February 25th, 2019

The designers of Afterstudio are united in the belief that each project must have its own identity, able to renew itself over time without losing its recognizability.

And it is from this fundamental belief that Afterstudio started to realize the project for Cascina Bonfiglio.

In the form and colour of the new corporate identity, the designers have sought the “archetypal” shape and colour of the represented fruits. The challenge was to use the least number of strokes and colours to arrive at an icon that is unequivocally that of the fruit in question.

The inspiration came from the Japanese graphic art of the post-World War II, where the essentiality of form and the wise use of colour reach an expressiveness not at all elitist – because intrinsically linked to aesthetics and to the elegance of nature itself.

In this way, even a product of daily consumption – such as marmalades, jams and creams – can express an ideal of beauty without renouncing its communicative function.

Cascina Bonfiglio is a company that has grown up holding firmly to its original principles: genuineness, cleanliness and love for manual work. They are producing different gourmet products prepared with a list of very small ingredients, where the full flavour of the fruit pulp is the first quality, because the fruits are selected by those who know the land the most.

The full range of Cascina Bonfiglio gourmet products is labelled with the Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper Freelife Merida with different nuances of colour. Freelife Merida Kraft is used for the marmalade range, Freelife Merida Graphite for the jam one and Freelife Merida White for the cream one. The Freelife Merida papers are a premium quality uncoated recycled papers, felt-marked on both sides, made with cotton and recycled fiber.

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