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Arconvert presents “The Power of Packaging” at Beviale Moscow 2019 – February 20, 2019 at 4.25 p.m. in the Conference Forum of Crocus Expo Center, Moscow.

By on February 15th, 2019

Arconvert’s packaging experts will provide some interesting insights on how to make the most of the label in order to increase sales by simply improving the image of the product.


An elegant and well-designed label sells more – sales statistics confirm it. It can increase the consumer’s propensity to buy especially if, besides its appeal, the label features the idea of a close correspondence between the container and its content in terms of quality. If producers could ignore the importance of the packaging in the past, it is today very clear how the bottle’s appearance is essential in adding that value that determines the choice of a much more evolved and discerning customer faced with a shelf stacked with a myriad variety of similar items.

Arconvert experts will talk about the label’s function in influencing purchasing behavior and strengthening brand awareness of the product during the conference “The Power of Packaging”, that will be held during Beviale Moscow next edition on the 20th of February at 4.25 p.m. in the Conference Forum of the Crocus Expo Center.    As packaging experts, Arconvert would like to help the producers of the beverages sector to create the perfect label for their specific target by tapping into the new worlds of neuro-marketing and the psychological dynamics of the buying process in order to increase sales. Arconvert’s staff will then offer free advice to improve packaging and label effectiveness throughout the exhibition period at booth F17|Hall12|Pavilion 3.


Arconvert is one of the global market leaders in the production of self-adhesive materials for the labeling industry.

By combining the preciousness and beauty of the face-stocks produced by the parent company Fedrigoni papers to high performances in contact with water, ice and condensation, and to specific security features that effectively overcome issues of counterfeiting, Arconvert’s products not only meet the highest aesthetic requirements, but also represent the state of the art of technological innovation for labeling and brand protection.