Spirits Label

The labels of the Weidmann & Groh whiskeys, thanks to the design project of Atelier Partu, combine the bond with the past to a modern and catchy design.

By on February 14th, 2019

Weidmann & Groh, the Ockstadt’s finest distillery, is well known for their genuine ciders and fruit brandies. They wanted to expend their product range, with something exceptional for the region: the first Wetterau Whiskey. In fact, the distillery started producing this Whiskey with grain grown in fertile Wetterau soil, where the distillery is based.

36 months later, after malting, fermenting, distilling and maturing, Weidmann & Groh’s Wetterau Whiskey was born. And it wasn’t the only one: it comes as a range of three products, Malzbrand, Single Grain & Single Malt.


The design of these special Whiskey labels is created by Atelier Partu. The designers decided to highlight the logo of the distillery, the head of a spade, as the only coloured element of the label project.

In fact, the spade symbolizes the primary and archaic tool for agricultural work and is a reminiscence of the hard work of the ancestors of the distillery owners, who took care of tilling the fields in the past to make them prolific nowadays.


For the labels project, the designers were inspired by two Arconvert’s self-adhesive papers: Tintoretto Black Pepper and Tintoretto Gesso. With a natural, pure ECF pulp paper and a felt-marked finiture, the self-adhesive papers represent the whiskey character. The black paper is used for the Single Malt and the Single Grain spirit, the black label is embellished with a copper hot-foil and a white screen-printing. Vice versa, The Malzbrand has a white label with a black printing.


Check out the beautiful photos of this whiskey label project made by Max Sammet.WGWW_2