Cosmetic Label

Ouate, the facecare and hygiene range that accompanies children.

By on January 28th, 2019

A success story of creating a label

Astrid Mauduit, the founder of OUATE, was looking for cosmetic products for children that contain natural formulas without allergenic ingredients, tested under paediatric and dermatological control. These products also had to please her children, who are always expecting fun experiences, and had to have ergonomics adapted to the different stages of children’s development. Moreover, they had to be endorsed by health professionals. No product on the market seemed to meet the expectations. So, Astrid Mauduit decided to gather a team of specialists who helped develop the only range of skincare products specifically designed for children aged 4 to 11.

That’s how OUATE was born.

OUATE is a happy brand! Its values are attached to the family: natural harmony and authenticity, softness and tenderness, respect and sharing, security and transmission.


And this natural range couldn’t have a common packaging. In fact, the products of OUATE range sources the raw materials from sustainable sectors, selecting the packaging by limiting the number of components and ensuring their highest level of recyclability. The packaging boxes are 100% recyclable and labelled with FSC self-adhesive paper.


Here is where seems that Arconvert comes into play, but actually the research, the advice and the sharing of ideas began as soon as the OUATE project came to life. The packaging experts of Arconvert found the perfect solution for this brand new range: Nature Paper Ultra WS, a pure chlorine free self-adhesive paper, FSC tested. This nature paper is suitable to be applied on a surface with a high radius of curvature, such as cosmetic packaging, and is highly performing even in humid environments. In fact, the bathroom is one of the most difficult environments for the label deterioration, due to the humidity, condensation and oleaginous elements, such as the cosmetic products.


The label, among the many ways to communicate in the 4.0 era, is definitely the most important way to convey the brand image of the product, and to increase the propensity to purchase by the consumer. An original label, able to tell not only the identity of the brand, but also the effort, passion and dreams of those who created it, turn the senses of the consumer on a tactile level, not just a visual one. Therefore, the choice of self-adhesive paper on which to print the label is essential to stimulate tactile pleasure.

But, of course also the design project is a key concept. The labels of this cosmetic products for children are designed by the Centdegrés agency. The designers created a fresh and cool project with pastel colours and illustrations that represent different daily situations, differentiated according to the age group to which the cosmetic product is dedicated.


The OUATE project is an example of a successful case history. Here’s what happens when you work in a team, sharing values, passions and know how.