Cosmetic Label

The Art of creating beauty with Sirio Pearl self-adhesive paper.

By on January 22nd, 2019

Beauty Spa employs exclusive knowledge, because creative beauty is an art. With latest generation technologies for the face and body, Beauty Spa interprets and anticipates the trends and needs of the market, offering innovative answers based on scientific rigor.

Inspired by nature and guided by science, Beauty Spa aims at the perfect harmony of the body. A real art forms.

For the labels of its lines, Perfect Line and Eye Tech, was chosen the Sirio Pearl self-adhesive paper, in different shades of colour. Produced by Arconvert, Sirio Pearl is a special surface coated paper with a metallised, pearlescent finish.

Perfect Night cream, from the Perfect Line range, highlights the discreet and fascinating light of the Black Diamond. In fact, black is the colour used for packaging, while in chromatic contrast, the white label appears, with the pearlescent effect, typical of the Sirio Pearl self-adhesive paper.

The Eye Tech line, with products dedicated to the eye contour area, aims at the freshness and beauty of a youthful skin. All the cosmetic products of the line stand out for their lilac label, made with Sirio Pearl, produced by Arconvert.

Sirio Pearl with its pearlescence and elegance enhances the exclusivity of the Beauty Spa products, making them recognizable even on a shelf full of competing cosmetic products.