Wine Label

Moser Trento decides to completely renew its identity with a new label design.

By on January 16th, 2019

For three generations the Moser family has been cultivating their own vineyards and making their own grapes in harmony with the territory of origin, Trentino. The winery Moser produces the classic wines of Trentino DOC and the family is committed to ensuring the best quality of their high-end wines. What makes their wines so special is the attention they devote to their land, vineyards and environment; is thanks to these main resources that they are able to produce the best wine from Trentino DOC.

Two of their high-end sparkling wines are the Trento DOC Moser Rosé Extra Brut and the Trento DOC Moser 51,151 Brut.

The Moser Rosé Extra Brut is produced with a selection of Pinot Noir grapes processed and harvested by hand from the best vineyards owned by Maso Warth, located at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level overlooking the Adige Valley and the town of Trento.

The freshness is the feature not only of the Rosé Extra Brut but also of the 51,151 Brut.

The Moser 51,151 is a sparkling wine produced with the classic TrentoDOC method. The company is carrying on the traditional method, with the aim of obtaining a new quality product that enhances the riches of the land in which it is born. This sparkling wine is a tribute to Francesco Moser, who beats the time record, surpassing the 50Km wall on the concrete track in Mexico. Moser climbs to 51.151 Km/h and he maintained the world record for more than 9 years. In honor of his triumph, the Moser 51.151 Brut is a TrentoDOC produced with a selection of Chardonnay grapes and it is a fresh and fragrant sparkling wine.

The labels are made on Cotone Bianco Ultra WS, produced by Arconvert. Cotone Bianco UWS is a natural 100% cotton paper with an Ultra WS and anti-fungus treatment. The label designer, Andrea Tomasi, was inspired by the texture of this self-adhesive paper, that transmits simplicity, elegance and cleanliness; exactly the keywords of the graphic project.

Andrea Tomasi creates the Moser TrentoDOC labels through three visual hierarchical levels: in the first level there is the Moser logo printed in silk-screen with a braille finish in relief on the white surface of the pure cotton Arconvert paper. The second level is distinguished by the only aesthetically eccentric element of the label: the purple and pink colors of the name of the wine. And, the third level consists of all the specific, technical and commercial information of the product.

All the information is on the front label, the superfluous has been cleansed, chasing the initial intentions of synthesis, simplicity, elegance, order and cleanliness.