resa56 bottle
Wine Label


By on January 15th, 2019

The Brandini wine cellar is a small winery that produces the great wines of the Langhe. Despite the winery’s young age, its winemakers are convinced that to produce great wines it does not serve to be in the sector for many years but rather it is important to follow the traditions. Agricola Brandini cultivates the Langhe territory practicing organic farming. They are firmly convinced that we must leave the earth better than we found it. The key concept is therefore respect: respect for the land, respect for those who work the land and respect for customers who will taste the wines.

Precisely to meet this objective, the organic farming is practiced and all the wines produced by Brandini are free wines. Free from all that is superfluous. In fact, the company is registered with the Associazione Vino Libero, which brings together 13 wine producers and 1 distillery involved in applying a model of agriculture that is beneficial and respectful of the environment.

The Barolo Resa56 is the finest wine of Agricola Brandini and is produced following the philosophy of Vino Libero in full respect of the environment. In order to communicate the preciousness, the essentiality and the freedom of this wine, it was needed a clean, frank and simple image.

So the restyling of the Barolo Resa56 label, conceived and produced by the design agency Eurostampa, is characterized by few elements but high-class: the variety, the producer and the characteristics of the wine and a large vine leaf. Precisely this element captures the attention already at the first glance. The leaf has been printed with gold hot foil and is the most precious element of the entire label. In its simplicity, it contains all the philosophy of Agricola Brandini. In the remaining portion of the label, the protagonist is the self-adhesive paper Manter Tintoretto Crystal Salt Ultra WS. Produced by Arconvert, it is a self-adhesive felt marked paper with a high degree of whiteness and the Ultra WS treatment.

With this label, Eurostampa has given preciousness and simplicity, communicating how Vino Libero for the Brandini winery is not just an abstract idea but a real way of being.