Wine Label

The charm of Evil for an eye-catching wine label design.

By on January 10th, 2019

Who is this Grandma with horns?

The Vinarija Bjelica winery wanted to create a tribute to the mythological witch Babaroga. Literally, “Baba” means old lady or grandma and “Roga” means female with horns. Babaroga is a witch in the mythology of the Southern Slavs. For centuries the witch had a dominant influence on the education of disobedient children. The main features are the horn, a large nose with a wart, a missing tooth, a rod and a cave in which lives. In the western culture, the closest mythical creature to Baba Roga is the “Boogeyman”. Nowadays, this term is mostly used for something extraordinary, unusual, striking, and Babaroga Chardonnay, from the Vinarija Bjelica winery, is exactly like that. It’s a wine, with fruity and floral aftertaste, produced on the banks of the Danube river as a limited edition.

What better time to make this mythological witch the protagonist of the wine label project? This illustrated label is made on the self-adhesive paper Pegasus Ultra WS, produced by Arconvert. This natural felt marked paper has a soft finish and the Ultra WS treatment, making it the perfect choice for this Chardonnay label.

The design project was embellished with the printing techniques used by Crveno, a company specialized in printing high quality adhesive labels. The varieties and name of the wine are highlighted with the hot-foils printing technique. Crveno used for the name of the wine a black hot-foil, and a gold one was used for the wine variety and also for the Baba Roga earring.

This wine label and the illustration of the Babaroga will absolutely catch the eye of the consumers in front of a shelf full of wines.