Spirits Label

The brandy Essenza increase its uniqueness with the luxury papers of Arconvert and Fedrigoni.

By on January 8th, 2019

Nestled in the Irpinia hills, Cantine Catena is a well-known winery, whose main concepts are the strong link with the land and the respect for raw materials. In Cantine Catena, techniques and cutting-edge skills are perfectly combined with the desire to pass on ancient traditions, bonds and passions.

The brand-new product in Catena is called Essenza, and it is a very exclusive wine spirit. Born from the selection of the three D.O.C.G. of the Province of Avellino, respectively Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo.

Precisely to communicate the exclusivity of Essenza, a distillate aged for five years in fine barrels, an equally exclusive design project was needed. The ABasileADV study knew that the new project had to communicate authenticity and peculiarity. The label is printed on Manter Constellation Jade Raster Ultra WS, self-adhesive embossed paper – produced by Arconvert – that offers high technical and aesthetic standards. This paper, thanks to the Ultra WS treatment, is suitable for resisting sudden changes in temperature and prevents wrinkling by reducing the absorption of water on the surface of the paper. From an aesthetic point of view, it offers pleasing nuances, capturing both touch and sight.

The elaborately designed label reinterprets the style of the twenties of the Twentieth century print advertisements. The vintage effect is achieved through careful typographic composition and printing techniques such as embossing and gold hot-foils. The combination of simplicity in shapes and the elaboration of the metallic finishes expresses elegance and refinement: features that represent both Essenza and Constellation Jade Raster Ultra WS.

This little treasure is enclosed in an elegant box set with Fedrigoni Sirio Black-Black paper.

The packaging of Essenza underlines the value and the elegance of this spirits, giving it class and making it stand out on the shelf.ESSENZA_1