Wine Label

Viña Ijalba has chosen Waterproof Extra White to convey the essence of its varietal wines  

By on December 28th, 2018

The Viña Ijalba winery in Logroño has spent years working on the recovery of autochthonous grape varieties from the Rioja region using ecological farming techniques. Its latest launch is a collection of varietal wines that include maturana tinta and blanca, tempranillo blanco and graciano grape varieties. Viña Ijalba assigned calcco with the task of differentiating this collection from the rest of the winery’s products, using elements reminiscent of the wine’s character that reflect all that is organic and natural. The Rioja studio created a set of labels that work both individually and together: flowers, birds, insects, leaves and branches against unique backgrounds for each variety. Manter Waterproof Extra White, produced by Arconvert, was the studio’s perfect ally for portraying this concept on its labels. A natural white paper that is perfect for distinguishing wines that need to be placed in a fridge and ice bucket, which remains highly opaque in moist conditions, allowing the design to stand out in all its splendour.